Chinatown Dim Sum Tour


An immigrant neighborhood for over 200 years, Chinatown had been home to African Americans, Irish, Jews and Italians before a wave of immigrants from the region of Hong Kong came here with the delights of their homeland known as Dim Sum: small, delicious dishes of savory and sweet treats. 

Chinatown 1The Dim Sum Lover Tour stops in at several restaurants famed in the local community for their dim sum, including one on a hidden, crooked little street that was in such films as The Other Woman, and Premium Rush.

Along the way, we will walk through a park that has an Italian name but celebrates Chinese culture. See the oldest Jewish cemetery in North America, and find the spot where Irish Protestants and Catholics united.  Come eat your way through Chinatown!

Length: About two hours 

Cost: $40 per person, minimum 2

Discounts for larger groups, seniors, vets, small children

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