Financial District


“The sound of young men baying for money…”

— Tom Wolfe, “The Bonfire Of The Vanities”

Since 1792, this where the big deals are made.  The New York Stock Exchange and the JP Morgan building are right across Broad Street from one another. Guys in expensive suits swagger down the sidewalk.




                                    Come see the original colonial city of New York/Nieuw Amsterdam. Tremendous amounts of American history have taken place in this little district. 

Step into a chapel where George Washington was honored in a religious service.  See a nearby church bearing graves of famous early Americans, markers of the settlement of Canada, and of the War Of 1812. 

On this tour, you can even touch a real artifact from the American Revolution.  The Financial District is the birthplace of our great city.  Come see it up close.

Length: About two hours 

Cost: $40 per person, minimum 2.
Discounts for larger groups, seniors, veterans

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