Midtown Madness


This is where it all happens! 

Major corporations!
Broadway and its theaters!
The hustle and bustle of Grand Central!


MidtownWe start in Times Square, where you can be photographed with the backup Times Square Ball.  The tour takes you through the world’s most famous intersection, past notable Broadway theaters, and The Brill Building, where America’s pop music has been produced from the 1950s through today.  


Then we jaunt over to Rockefeller Center for views of the interiors and exteriors, the Today Show studio, sculptures, murals and other artworks, and where we’ll see the exterior of Radio City Music Hall and, if the season is right, the Ice Skating Rink.  


gct 1The final leg of this tour brings us to Grand Central Terminal, which celebrated its 100th year in 2013.  This massive building touts an impressive barrel-vault ceiling more than 30 yards overhead, decorated with illuminated constellations.  We will experience the so-called ‘whisper corners’ where a voice carries from one corner, way over to its opposite.  The tour ends in the lower level, where you’ll find restrooms and 19 eateries that are locally-owned restaurants and food stands, not national chains.  

Length: About three hours 

Cost: $75 per person, minimum 2
Discounts for larger groups, seniors, vets, small children

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